Top 10 Music Studio in Delhi / NCR


Top 10 Music Studio in Delhi

It is most likely that you have landed here after searching for the best music studios in Delhi/NCR. Different people may be searching for different things in a studio, for example under a certain budget; someone may be looking for the best music studio. Others may be looking for a studio where they can find specific services in addition to the space and equipment. While some may be looking for simply the best studio with the best instruments available.
While choosing the best studio to record your next big music number, podcast, audiobook, or interview; this post will save you tons of time. Whatever may be your requirement; this article will focus on outlining the best music studio in Delhi/NCR in your budget.
Some of the best music studios of India are located in Delhi. Still depending on your location, equipment requirements, budget, etc there are only a few that need your consideration. To ease your search, we have prepared a list of top 10 music studios in Delhi/NCR.

1. VAAR Music

To provide a rehearsal space for artists as well as offer recording, mixing/mastering services from the comfort of their jam room, VAAR Music Studio was set up in 2015 in Rohini, Delhi. The studio seems to be kitted out nicely with a fully soundproof jam pad, acoustically treated with balanced frequencies. Along with the following equipment available — Bass Amps, Guitar Amps, a Drum Set, Zildjian Cymbals, and 2 Vocal Mics with the availability of an extra mic, the room is open to jam in from 9 am to 12 midnight. The studio also provides a canteen with snacks and cold drinks available with a lounge area where bands and musicians can interact.

2. KathaRas Studios

KathaRas Studios aims to provide a platform for budding musicians across the country with a friendly hub in Safdarjung Enclave for jamming sessions, band rehearsals and audio recording with state-of-the-art equipment. With the jam room housing up to 9 people, the studio is large and comfortable. The studio also houses a ‘Zen Fountain’ and staff who claim to entertain every whim and fancy of a musician, it’s open from 9am to 11pm and their equipment ranges from mixers, amps, a drum set and several other instruments. In their attempt to provide a whole, clean, and healthy experience, the music studio offers a lounge area, shower and kitchen. The studio also provides Electronic Music Production courses besides all these amenities. Film scores and electronic music projects are also done by KathaRas Studios.

3. Ebony and Ivory Studios

Promising to never let your energy die out, Ebony and Ivory Studios has a ‘dark red room’, and is located in South Delhi. The music studio is stocked with the necessary equipment; drum kits, guitar amplifiers, mixers, bass amplifiers, and of course, mics, mainly targeting metalheads. Offering an annual membership as well, their timing may be a little inconvenient (10.30 am to 8.30pm) but they are open daily.

4. Studio Final Take

One of the most reliable ways of realizing one’s artistic expression in music, film, or design is FT Music Studio. Located in Mahavir Enclave, Dwarka, New Delhi, the music studio is open 24*7 striving to treat every creator and their work with respect, irrespective of their background, medium or language. Offering services both for production and recording that you might require for your band or personal use, they are home to a variety of musical instruments.

5. Trifecta Records

Loved by the musicians in the neighboring community, Trifecta Records is a jamming studio located in Defence Colony, Delhi that has been around for a few years now. What makes this place a popular jam room is its balanced acoustics, quality sound and a professional outlook. With about 300 different bands under their belt, the rehearsal space has aided established bands, as well as upcoming bands. The pad boasts of being one of the biggest jam pads in Delhi as they provide high quality equipment. Opening up at 6am and closing its doors at 2am, the music studio is entirely soundproof with power backup as well. Mapex VX Series drum kit, Meinl cymbals, bass amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, mics, monitors, Soundcraft EFX 8 and a DBX 2 channel EQ are some of the equipment they have got in store.

6. B Happy Productions

B Happy Productions gives artists the opportunity to listen in on themselves and understand where they’re going wrong by promoting rehearsing is important but so is recording with quality equipment. Drum set, bass amps, guitar amps, live monitors, mics, and better yet, you can even jam with headphones (provided you bring your own) as you have got your standards for equipment. You can also rent a Yamaha keyboard, the drum kit, sitars, guitars as well as other instruments. Having worked with over 500 artists/bands till date, B Happy Productions is a well built music studio in West Delhi. Audio vocal recording, music composition, mixing/mastering, video production, lyrics writing, marketing/promotion and much more are the range of services provided by them.

7. BlueRaga Jampad

Established in October 2010 in Lajpat Nagar, this Jam pad was one of Delhi’s first music studios. Creating a unique Concert Venue, which can hold up to a 100 guests, the jam pad even opens up to become a stage. They have clocked over 10,000 jam hours and catered to more than 1500 bands over the years. Available on rent are also the musical equipment like your standard keyboards, drums, guitars and sound systems. To interact and enhance their skills, the studio isn’t just a jam pad; it has become a place for like-minded people who share a love for music, art and dance. While keeping the element of fun alive, BlueRaga Jampad aims to take your musical aspirations to the next level.

8. SpacePepper Studios

Offering a recording studio and creative space for independent film, photography and music videos, Space Pepper Studios is a premier audio and video production studio in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. From full scale music production to voice-overs and film dubbing, their music studio has top-of-the-line recording equipment with skilled audio professionals and consultants to take care of any audio-related requirement.

9. IndiLab Studios

Today, one of the biggest challenges bands face while practicing is being able to hear every note played on each instrument, which has an impact on the music they make. In this music studio, you get to hear everything played at the level you define with in-ear monitors for each instrument. From ample space to equipment for band rehearsals, live jam recording, producing, recording and engineering bands and artists, they provide everything.

10. Drop D Studios & Jampad

For artists to make music and jam their hearts out, Drop D Studios & Jampad is one of the most affordable rehearsal spaces in Delhi. At a time when there was a desperate need for a large acoustically treated rehearsal space for groups and bands in Delhi, the Drop D Studios & Jampad was born out of necessity. With state-of-the-art equipment, you get a reliable jam room combined with a high end soundproof recording studio, nothing but the best in-class equipment, expert studio team and an in-house band of music artists. For practicing and recording anything from devotional to heavy metal, the jam room is an expansive 400 sq. ft. space and includes 32 inputs, a TAMA drum set, speakers, amps and other essential equipment. Providing the perfect setup for mixing instruments and vocal recordings at the same time, the music studio is a sound-proofed booth adjacent to the control room where there is a monitor (A/V) connected to both the control Room and the jam room. Depending on your needs, you also have the option to rent just the studio or the jam room separately.

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