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Are you a Actor, Singer, Rapper, Dancer or DJ or maybe you are a fresher artist looking to shoot your best music video for your song? Final Take Production (FT Films) is here to help with 4k UltraHD visual quality for your Music Video.
We have produce over 500+ music videos. FT Production can help you to release your audio to all the audio streaming platform such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, Jiosaavn etc.

So why you are waiting for call us today and get your dream music video out in the air. Call us today @ +91 80841 87424.

How much does a music video shoot cost in Delhi?

The music video production cost depends on the music lyrics and its story, location, casting, and the equipment required in the video. Generally, music video shoot cost in India can range from Rs. 70,000 to Rs.20 lakhs (approx.).

Is there film industry in Delhi?

Yes, there are many film production company in Delhi/NCR and Final Take Production is one of them having headquarters in Dwarka, New Delhi.

Who produces music videos?

Usually Music video produced by directors and producers and they work together as a team to shoot music videos for their own or sell to records company. Let’s break down the key points:

Director’s Role:

Aesthetic Focus: The director is primarily concerned with the artistic and creative aspects of the video. They are responsible for how the video looks, feels, and sounds.

Ultimate Responsibility: Directors bear the ultimate responsibility for maintaining the desired tone and ensuring the overall quality of the video project.

Involvement Stages: Directors are involved in all stages of video production, including preproduction (planning and preparation before filming), production (the actual filming process), and postproduction (editing, sound design, and other tasks after filming).

Producer’s Role:

Practical Concerns: Producers, on the other hand, focus on the practical and logistical aspects of the project. This includes considerations like electricity, catering, equipment, and location logistics.

Staffing: Producers are responsible for assembling and managing the production team, including hiring crew members, actors, and other personnel.

Business Matters: Producers also handle business-related issues such as budgeting, scheduling, contracts, and ensuring that the project stays on track from a financial and timeline perspective.

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