Brand Promotion in film and music videos

Brand Sponsorship in Films & Music Video


Brand sponsorship in films and music videos is a common practice in India, as it is in many other parts of the world. This marketing strategy involves brands partnering with filmmakers, music video producers, or

How film producers make money in bollywood

How Film Producers Make Money?


For over a century movies have been a popular form of entertainment. With a plethora of stakeholders involved in its production and distribution, the film industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business. The producer

Top 10 Music Studio in Delhi

Top 10 Music Studio in Delhi / NCR


It is most likely that you have landed here after searching for the best music studios in Delhi/NCR. Different people may be searching for different things in a studio, for example under a certain budget;

Top 10 Film Production Companies in India

Top 10 Film Production Companies in India


Being a glorified, adored, and admired field of work, films have always been a connecting material. With massive contributions from the film production companies in India, filmmaking has been improving gradually in India and its

Top 10 Movie Producer in Bollywood

Top 10 Movie Producers in Bollywood


Over the past decade, the film industry of India, commonly known as Bollywood has grown massively. As a naturally beautiful place that is rich in culture, India with different religions and languages where people live

Top 10 music production companies in INDIA

Top 10 Music Production Companies in India


There are several music production companies in India that offer a range of services in the music industry, including music recording, mixing, mastering, and music composition. Here are a few well-known music production companies in

How to become a film producer

How to become a Film Producer in India


Do you have an insatiable desire to work in the Indian film industry as a producer? There are several prospects for aspiring film producers in India’s enormous and quickly expanding film industry. From the initial

Music Producer Cost in India

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Music Producer in India?


The cost to hire a music producer can vary widely depending on several factors, including the music producer’s experience, reputation, location, the complexity of the project, and the genre of music. Here are some general

Music Video Production Company

Music Video Production House in Delhi/ NCR


Are you a Actor, Singer, Rapper, Dancer or DJ or maybe you are a fresher artist looking to shoot your best music video for your song? Final Take Production (FT Films) is here to help

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